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Beeswax Food Wraps: Gingerbread Set of 3: Wholesale

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You can almost smell the holiday baking! Transport your customers to the warmth of holiday homes with this set of beeswax wraps. Ideal for customers wanting to infuse holiday magic into their homes while prioritizing eco-conscious choices. 🎄 Holiday Must-Have: Festive-themed items witness a surge during the holidays; don't miss out. 🌍 Plastic-Free Promise: Offer an enticing, eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic kitchenware. 💸 Waste Not, Want More: Help customers appreciate the economic benefits of reduced food waste. 🚿 Consumer Convenience: Products easy to maintain always rank high in purchase decisions. 🍃 Sustainable Stocking: Boost your store's appeal by offering compostable kitchen solutions. Add this vibrant collection to your store's holiday lineup and offer a blend of festive spirit and sustainable choices.